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Get personal with Christina

A fitness and life coach with a passion to inspire and motivate people to take that step and start feeling better from the inside OUT.


A note from Christina - a wife, mom, and a woman pushing 40, working through the kinks of life while refusing to back down - or slow down - in the process...


“To take back the narrative, you have to be willing to put up the fight and claim your power.” When I came into the fitness industry, I was fueled by being surrounded by people in search of a positive lifestyle. I absorbed their determination and willpower, which ultimately helped me with my own personal skeletons. That enabled me to become the person I am both in my private life as a wife and mother, and professionally as a trainer.


Living a healthier lifestyle physically, mentally, and spiritually has enabled me to go through each day with purpose, and share my life learnings will all of those around me. That includes the daily challenges of balancing responsibilities, fighting self doubt, and simply being kind to myself.


I want to help women, of all life stages, strengthen their love for themselves, believe in their ability, and nourish their bodies and minds. YOU acquire the ability to be empowered and in control of YOUR own destination and journey in life. Ability is limitless. You just have to believe in it.


Join me on this journey…


NASM Certified Nutrition Coach
NASM Mixed Martial Arts Specialist
NASM Youth Fitness Specialist
NASM Womens Fitness Specialist

  • Pre/Post Natal


ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
ISSA Corrective Exercise Specialist
ISSA Fitness Coach
ISSA CPR/First Aid


NESTA Heart Rate Specialist

Global Trainer & Presenter

MYX Fitness  |  OpenFit  |  BODI Interactive (Formerly BEACHBODY)  |  Rumble Boxing via Xponential 

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