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C Coney

"The most powerful muscle you can train is your mind.

Unlock your mind, and your body will follow..." -CL






“I am not here to change you - I am here to open your eyes and enable you to SEE YOURSELF, and truly recognize your reflection. The programs that I curate for you, are designed to challenge you while giving you the opportunity to realize how strong you are, and how capable you are of crushing down fear, doubt, and uncertainty. They are your foundation to building the most powerful, YOU.” -Christina

The LaGrega Method is a fully customized & tailored to YOU - online coaching program, created, and coached by Certified fitness trainer and nutrition coach, Christina LaGrega. It is a method of training that is constantly changing and evolving according to the “current climate” in your life. The LaGrega Method is about living in the present moment, and creating a happier YOU - which then turns YOU into a more productive, focused, energized, and present, parent, partner, friend, and overall human.

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LIVE pre-scheduled chats focusing on topics such as Mindset, Movement, Self Love, Recovery, Training, Cooking, Family and more...

Exclusive community and instant friendships. You will have access to our private group, where you will find other likeminded individuals also taking on their new life journey AND have access to virtual group chats.

1-1 Completely customized / tailored workout program that is curated for YOU only - with tutorials, instructional videos, and options for those who are beginners to those who are advanced. 

Access directly to me via app chat. I am here to help you as much or as little as you need. All coaching / training specific dialogue via chat will be confidential and strictly  between you and I - NOT any of my team.

1-1 Completely customized / tailored nutrition program designed to fit your specific needs and goals. (add-on)

FULL access to schedule 1-1 consultations as needed with one additional (included) monthly virtual check-in.

I'm ready, let's do this...

How can I help you?

*NOTE* After you submit your form, you will be taken to your complimentary 1-1 consult-with-Christina booking page. All must book a consult before moving forward. 


I soon discovered that training  with Christina was like a "drug" and "therapy" that I could not get enough of, I was in love and obsessed. It became my therapy in dealing with my Lupus. Since beginning my training with Christina, I have not seen my doctors as much & am getting sick less often (the doctors think I'm doing very well and said I should keep doing what I am  doing) I have Increased my energy, strength, agility and endurance to deal with anything that comes my way.

— Magda, Nursery Teacher

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