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"The most powerful muscle you can train is your mind.

Unlock your mind, and your body will follow..." -CL

Join our incredible community of badass humans in improving your physical and mental health - ALL from the comfort of your very own home. 


“I am not here to change you - I am here to open your eyes and enable you to SEE YOURSELF, and truly recognize your reflection. The programs that I curate for you, are designed to challenge you while giving you the opportunity to realize how strong you are, and how capable you are of crushing down fear, doubt, and uncertainty. They are your foundation to building the most powerful, YOU”.



TLM is NOT just another "average 1-1 fitness program"

The LaGrega Method, is not your average fitness program. It is a method of training that focuses on YOU as a whole while taking the guesswork out of the equation.

"TLM" is made up of 2 programs.

Program TLM 1-1 is personalized program that is curated specifically to and for you and for YOUR goals . It is built on 3 core pillars that change and evolve according to the “current climate” in your life.

Program TLM | the studio is a subscription based program that delivers you easy to follow - yet still challenging and doable workouts on demand. Each workout is not only keeping your goals in mind, but also your time as MOST workouts are approx. 30 minutes or less. 


The LaGrega Method is about living in the present moment, and creating a happier YOU - which then turns YOU into a more productive, focused, energized, and present: parent, partner, friend, and overall human. Just like building a beautiful and STRONG home - we start with building your foundation - and grow from there...

Pillar 1: FITNESS 1-1

The fitness pillar focuses on getting you STRONGER and caters to helping you reach your goals, maximize your results AND maintain them. The stronger you are NOW, the better quality of life you will live in the long run.

The nutrition pillar teaches you how to nourish your body without having to give up your favorite foods. We use daily tracking to help you have a better understanding on not only the "quantity" of your macros, but also the QUALITY.

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Pillar 2: NUTRITION 1-1


The community pillar focuses on your mindset, drive, and accountability. This is where you realize that you are now a part of a family - with some cheering you on from the sidelines, and others joining in right along side you. Christina will personally be checking in with you regularly to help you maintain motivation and accountability.

Not ready to book your consultation yet?

Not ready for the 1-1 coaching experience?

That's ok! Feel free to take advantage of the On-Demand option as well as all of the resources at your disposal. 

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If you're brand new to fitness and just don't know where to start >> THIS is for YOU!

If you don't want to workout in a gym and prefer to get your exercise in at home >> THIS is for YOU! 

If time is never on your side and you constantly feel like you are racing against the clock >> THIS is for YOU!

If you are ready to put yourself first and make YOU the priority >> THIS IS FOR YOU!

- Success Stories -

I soon discovered that training  with Christina was like a "drug" and "therapy" that I could not get enough of, I was in love and obsessed. It became my therapy in dealing with my Lupus. Since beginning my training with Christina, I have not seen my doctors as much & am getting sick less often (the doctors think I'm doing very well and said I should keep doing what I am  doing) I have Increased my energy, strength, agility and endurance to deal with anything that comes my way.

— Magda, Nursery Teacher

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