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The Daily RX is a virtual wellness program specifically designed to create a culture a care within the wellness space- within the workplace. The Daily RX is a ‘3 ingredient’ holistic approach to overall wellness, that stretches beyond the traditional, in order to harvest healthy habits amongst employee populations. These healthy habits help increase productivity, strengthen employee engagement, optimize human talent, and simply create a happier, healthier, team member. 


Featured presenter at FIBO-USA, Miami 2019

The 3 main ingredients that make up The Daily RX are:


Health is not a one-stop-shop. There are a variety of aisles that need to be shopped in order to complete an order and ultimately get what one is looking for. Conversations about nutrition, exercise, daily habits, life moments, family, current events, and random odds and ends are all a part of the mental, emotional, and MIND portion of being healthy. Hello brain and heart health. Workshops, social groups, Q&A, and 1-1 conversations are all part of our conversation ingredient. 


We live in a go-go-go and give-give-give driven world. We become so involved and obsessed with our careers, children, and social lives, that we very often forget to make time to connect with ourselves. Accountability is a big part of our connection ingredient. When we make an appointment with the doctor, we show up because we know that the doctor is there to help us somehow get better. When we really connect with what is important, in this instance, ourselves, that daily appointment will be self served because we will come to terms with how important that connection with our own thoughts, body, and heart are. Mobility, meditation, and journaling, are all components of our connection ingredient. 


 It’s not the quantity, it’s the quality that counts when we move. Our third ingredient for the Daily RX is movement. Moving our body the way it is designed to, and showing it appreciation by getting stronger, more resilient, and by creating a healthier temple - is our focus. Our bodies are designed to move in multi planes of direction and at a variety of paces. In the classes designed for your team, my primary focus is to get your team moving in a way that will keep their joints fresh, their bodies strong, and their mindset positive. High intensity interval training, shadowboxing, functional conditioning, mobility, strength focused, and fusion/bootcamp type classes are all offered for ALL levels of training. Each training program is set for 3 weeks - with progress being tracked by each participant for their own records and goal setting. 




The objective of the Daily RX is to outline and facilitate a continuous plan that enables your team to set goals, monitor progress, and blast through plateaus within the wellness space, while enabling them to feel included, accomplished, and important. 



In the Daily RX, we work SMART. Setting specific goals: What do the individuals on your team want to achieve and why is it important? Establish how to measure progress via specific target dates, events, etc. Creating challenging yet achievable goals that push past comfortable without being unrealistic. Goals set are to be relevant to the now and have immediate impact. Goals set will have time elements attached to stay on track.



Boost team morale and provide a variety of stress relieving resources to enable your team to see which tactics benefit them most. Variety will be key in keeping your team engaged, strengthening their resolve, and helping them get over stressful situations more efficiently and with resilience.


Project Outline


According to MAYO CLINIC, exercise increases your overall health and sense of well-being. It pumps up your endorphins while improving your mood and self confidence.


An example of what an outline for your team would like like such:


A variety of virtual workout sessions including:


  • 20-30- minute HIIT (high intensity interval training) sessions to rev up the heart rate and improve oxygen consumption.

  • 30 minute strength focused sessions to build a stronger temple and foundation while creating a sense of command over both body and life. 

  • 10-30 minute mobility focused sessions to improve posture, alleviate “every day” aches and discomfort, and improve overall body awareness.

  • 5-15 minute meditation sessions that will bring the body and mind connection to life and create that positive and clear mindset. 


In addition to the above | accountability would be inclusive of:

  • opportunities for social virtual connection and friendly competition via team play:

    • weekly competitions

      • squat challenge

      • pushup challenge

      • sharing recipes

      • sharing music

      • celebrating successes

  • Invites for:

    • Q&A sessions

    • workshops

    • book sharing

    • progress updates

    • open discussions


2020-2021 GLOBAL Virtual Corporate Wellness Trainer for Dow Jones Financial

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