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Oh, The places you'll go...

I have never been one to set small goals for my self... In fact, many would call me an annoying overachiever. In my world, I am always looking for the next thing... if I worked on a project, such as the one I am going to talk about here, and there was an opportunity to take that project on again, but with the possibility to improve... you bet I was going to take on that challenge.

500.. that was my previous goal when I reached out to my social media community, family and friends to help supply underserved children with the school supplies they needed that might help them walk into school with a little more confidence... well, I had the opportunity to help a whole new round of children in need - so of course, I had to step my game up.

Knowing that at least ONE child would be proud to walk into school and open up his/her notebook, was a huge driver for me.

I would be lying if I said that this was an easy task, and that there weren't countless sleepless nights... oh, and let's not forget about my entire home turning into a Staples warehouse... but it was SO worth it. Because in my heart, if I can help ONE person, I won. We won. They won.

The backpacks came in by the dozen.

The folders, notebooks, pencils, crayons, workbooks, etc.... they came in by the HUNDREDS. Deliveries were sent to me from ALL over the globe as far away as AUSTRALIA. We did it.. AGAIN. Overachiever my ass! This was incredible!

That September day came. The truck came for pickup, and we loaded her up for transport.

Now, part of my agreement with the school district that I chose to work with, was that EVERY SINGLE child got to come in and PICK THEIR own filled backpack.. just like they would if they were able to go into a store and shop for their own supplies. They weren't rushed, or told no.. they were given an experience that they may have never had before.. and how special that was. 731 kids. Thats how many children I got to hug, high five, and smile at on that very long day. 731 kids were reminded in the power of community, hope, and generosity. 731 kids who I truly hope remember that there is good in the world, you just have to open your mind and heart to it... and accept it.

Until next time...

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