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Jelly rolls and belly rolls

Being fit extends beyond the external. Is your heart happy? Is your belly filled with butterflies from love? Does your mind remind you how powerful you are? When you look at your reflection, what do you see? Really truly SEE?

When I saw this picture, I immediately criticized it. My midsection could be tighter.. my legs could be thinner.. etc...

Then I analyzed some more..

"That midsection grew 2 human beings.. 2 beautiful humans who have completely rocked my world.. I mean... holy shi+ I created life! Twice!"

Those legs... those legs carried me through my crazy journey the last 36 years. They carried me and never let me fall through the pits of my younger years, down the aisle on the most amazing day when I became a wife, across the Rockefeller Center stage as I graduated college, and up and down the stairs every day as I kiss my kids good morning and good night. Those legs did all of that! And they can totally crush some serious squats and dance both on and off a bike like nobody’s business... Love yourself first. Being healthy and fit is a lifestyle. It’s everything in your world that makes you feel good. It’s the external, the internal, and all of the in between. Make good decisions - be positive -speak your mind - trust your heart - love your belly and your legs and your ears and toes and nose.. love it all.

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